Do rodents live in jungles or cities?

The general perception of people when they hear the word rodent is that of mice, rats, squirrels, and rabbits. This is fairly correct but not quite spot-on since a lot of it has to do with how the media and popular culture projects rodents to be. In fact, scientific journals suggest that there are about 1500 different living species of rodents living today. Keeping that in mind, it may sound a bit unfeasible that such a large number may dwell in cities. Hence, lets look into other types of rodents and where they reside!

Rat epidemics in cities

Rats are notorious for being quick breeders and can have roughly about 180 offspring a year, given that they are prone to breed once a month. This is one of the reasons the misconception of the rodent population is generally higher in urban centers comes from. Rats and squirrels are perhaps the only furry rodents that live and dwell in cities. This is mainly so due to intricate sewerage system in which the rats live, and the intensive initiative took by city councils to make their cities green, which the squirrel live off of. 

What about the rabbits?

Rabbits are fundamentally animals of the wild. Being the favorite rodent of the bunch, they generally live in areas of dense vegetation or open fields with lots of space to run and hide from predators such as eagles, owls, and foxes. You may come across a rabbit in the city quite often but that furry bunny was probably a former pet, and someone might have released it in the nearby park since they are notorious for being quick breeders and are often messy.

What about other rodents?

Another rodent that people often group wrongly, given that this animal is huge but doesnt resemble the mainstream rodents, is the beaver. You will never ever see a beaver in an urban area, given youre at a park or at the pet store. Fundamentally, beavers are wild animals and live in the wild. You may come across them in the suburban areas, but thats pretty much it. Beavers reside next to freshwater lakes and ponds where the dense vegetation and fresh flowing water gives them ample access to fish and fruit that they feed on. Beavers also hold the title of being the second largest rodent there is.

What about the largest rodent?

The largest rodents are found in the wild and are called Capybaras. They can weigh from 35 to 66kg and can grow to be as tall as 60cm. They are generally found in the rich jungles of the Amazon, in South and Central America. 


It is fair to say that a large amount of the rodent species live in wild areas as compared to major urban centers.

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